Orthopedic Clinic & Workshop

Orthopedic Training Centre (OTC) :: GhanaThe orthopedic clinic and workshop were set up to manufacture the orthopedic appliances needed for the physically challenged of Ghana. Orthopedic shoes, shoe prosthesis, leg braces, artificial legs and arms, splints etc, are manufactured for the over 6000 patients seen yearly.

Besides making new appliances, the workshop also repairs the appliances (for example; wheelchair repair). This is done normally on Mondays, which is outpatient day.

Orthopedic Training Centre (OTC) :: GhanaEach department in the workshop tries to use its skills to provide the best orthopedic appliances for the many patients who depend on them.

The shoe makers have tried to design shoes that have the corrections necessary but are also attractive. A white pair of shoes was even made for one of our patients who was getting married.

It is necessary for each department to update their skills so we can best serve our clients.