What OTC does

At the OTC, we treat mainly children birth deformities. We believe that this is because children are surviving the customary scrutiny and there is more awareness that something can be done for these children.
Orthopedic Training Centre (OTC) :: Ghana
We are seeing gross shortage of legs (micromelia), partial absence of limbs (phocomelia), or total absence of a limb (aplasia). Many are coming with club feet. We are also treating spinal, neck and lower back problems. The causes seem to be in women because of lack of antenatal care and compensatory exercises, other causes are obesity and the custom of carrying heavy loads on the head from youth.

The OTC also treats adults. There are no more new cases of polio, because of the rigorous vaccination program. However, older patients who never came for treatment in their youth because of religious taboos, financial problems, etc, are now asking for assistance and treatment. We are also treating more and more cases of industrial accidents with loss of fingers, hand, arm and even shoulder.

The Orthopedic Training Centre has four departments:

Orthopedic Clinic & Workshop: The Orthopedic Clinic & Workshop was set up in 1965 to diagnose, manufacture and fit the orthopedic appliances needed for the physically challenged of Ghana. Orthopedic shoes, shoe prosthesis, leg braces, artificial legs and arms, splints, etc., are manufactured for the over 6000 patients seen yearly. (Read more >>)

Orthopedic Training Centre (OTC) :: GhanaMobile Orthopedic Unit: As many of the poor do not have to ability to travel to the Centre, in 1965 the Mobile Orthopedic Unit was initiated. The orthopedic services of the OTC have now been extended to 43 contact stations throughout Ghana. These stations include hospitals, clinics, rehabilitation centres, and mission stations, and at times the clinic is held under a tree. (Read more >>)

Children’s Home: The Children’s Home provides a family environment for the children as they begin their therapy and learn how to use their orthopedic appliances. During the months they stay at the centre, they feel acceptance and they receive support from both staff and other children. (Read more >>)

Prosthetics & Orthotics Training College: The newest addition to the OTC is the Prosthetics & Orthotics Training College, which opened its doors to the first class in September 2013. It provides prosthetics and orthotics education and training, combining both concise theoretical and practical sessions. (Read more >>)

Orthopedic Training Centre (OTC) :: Ghana