Happy New Month..!!

Hi Everyone..

My name is Nafisa, I am a little shy but I want to wish you a HAPPY NEW MONTH.

May this month be filled with the comfort of the dew that falls in the morning and the fragrance of the Lily flower. 🌸

Stay safe for me please😊


3 thoughts on “Happy New Month..!!

  1. Mike Murphy

    Happy new month and year to you too! Stay safe, and have a happy month. Say hello to Kobe and Zak and all the rest of the kids for me please!
    Best regards,
    Mike Murphy

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  2. David Pilgrim

    Hi Nafisa – don’t be shy- you are much loved and this month is one of hope and happiness as we move forward, winter in the UK starts to relax its icy grip, snowdrops give promise of Spring being around the corner and when the sun warms us again how happy we shall be – as happy as you are, blessed as you are with people who care for you.

    David from Bedford, who one day will visit you all in Ghana so ‘Happy New Month’ to you and all at OTC

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