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State of OTC in COVID-19 Times

Now that Ghana has confirmed cases and deaths due to CORVD-19, we would like to bring you up to date on OTC. 

Never before in our 59 years of service to the physically challenged have we had to close some departments and limit our services. However, like all institutions, we are struggling to find ways to protect the staff and children on admission and at the same time offer our services to the handicapped of Ghana.

12 residents left in the OTC

The children’s department has only 12 residents. When schools closed and the country was considering lockdown, we thought it best to send as many children home as possible. Our numbers quickly went form 80 patients on admission to 12. Most of the 12 who are still here have been with us for a long time because they do not have families to return to. Our goal has been to make a wonderful home for them and provide a schedule so that they will have time for study, leisure, and physical exercise.

All amputees have been discharged and returned to their homes and families. Those whose appliances were not ready when they left will be called when the workshop has completed their prostheses and they are ready for fitting. Until the situation changes, they will not be admitted for training. At the moment we have 10 technicians at a time in the workshop to respect the prescribed social distancing.

Unfortunately, our mobile unit is grounded. We realize that it is hardship for those who depend on our services, but we believe that it is not safe for our team to travel or for patients who would gather to see us.

The Brother Tarcisius Prosthetic and Orthotic Training College and the Cerebral Palsy Day Care Center are closed down until further notice from the government and OTC management.

We are very thankful to all the generous people who support the OTC and continue to do so during these hard times. We pray for you every day and with you hope that this difficult time will soon pass. We also hope that you will, in turn, keep us at OTC in your prayers. In this way, although remaining separated from one another for safety, we will at the same time continue to be united in fighting this virus as one voice in our faith, our hope, and our love for all God’s people. 

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Two Prosthetic Legs : Two Bilateral Amputtee Boys (Kobby and Emmanuel)

Since 2017 till today, the OTC has had two wonderful bilateral amputee lads who have enlightened our days as the days go by. Their names are Koby Newman and Emmanuel Waepebi. Koby comes from Nsawam Adoagyiri in the Eastern region and Emmanuel hails from the Northern Region of Ghana.

Koby was born with a congenital disorder which caused both his legs to be full of flesh and had no bones in it. His grand mother work in our centre as one of the house mother who takes care of the children and his Mother is now a new worker in the Centre. Koby journey has been on of a great turmoil going through surgery, learning how to walk and eventually walking in a prosthetic leg happily.

Emmanuel’s story also resonates in the story of Koby because he was also born with the same congenital condition which lead him to have two legs that were full of flesh and had not bones in it. Emmanuel’s mother Vida has been a strong woman since the birth of Emmanuel because she had to suffer the stigmata and harassment of both her society and husband because the believe she has given birth to a child who is not of good omen. she never gave up and went on to provide for all of Emmanuel’s medical needs until she was confronted by a good Samaritan who help to bring Emmanuel to our centre. Today Emmanuel has also had his surgery, learn how to walk and is using a prosthetic leg.

Both Boys celebrated their birthday on the 22nd of November 2019 and it was so marvellous how they were happy in receiving their gift. Today they are so happy in their lives and we believe what the holds for them in the near future is great.

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Adoagiryi; 27 March 2019
Demand for the services of the Orthopedic Training Centre (OTC) in Ghana has grown by x per cent in the past year as more children and adults reached out for disability support. OTC treated 7,259 adults and children as out and in-patients during 2018.
At their annual meeting of the Board of Trustees at the OTC headquarters in Adoagiryi today, Centre Director, Sister Elizabeth Newman SSND, said the demand for support was at an all-time high with all available places at the centre filled by 90 children and adults.
‘As Ghana’s population grows, the number of patients presenting with diabetes, industrial and traffic accidents as well as birth deformities has increased. In 2018, we treated 2,466 patients with amputations, mostly from diabetes and accidents,’ said Sister Elizabeth.
The OTC workshop supported over 7,000 patients in 2018 with life-changing orthopedic appliances and intense physiotherapy treatment for rehabilitation in order that patients are able to return to the community and resume productive lives.
OTC reaches all regions of Ghana, including with a trek program that delivered support to 2,146 patients in 2018. A mobile unit covered over 20, 000 kilometres, visiting 46 stations, with some towns receiving eight visits annually.
Children’s education is a priority at OTC. As part of their rehabilitation and development, 105 in-patient children received a formal education program in 2018 delivered by a qualified teaching staff.
The introduction of a new cerebral palsy clinic and day centre at OTC, has demonstrated a need in the community for a support service for children with this disability. Named in honour of an Australian lady, Mrs Lynette Williams, who passed away in 2017, the clinic now supports seven children in the local community with a daily program led by qualified therapists using specialised equipment.
‘There is an increasing need to support children with cerebral palsy in the local community. The day care has a twin benefit with the child receiving specialised physio and other support while the parents are freed to work and engage in other activities. We hope to expand the program with more children over time, provided there are sufficient trained staff and adequate facilities available,’ said Sister Elizabeth.
Sister paid tribute to the many volunteers from around the world who have freely given their time to and talents to help OTC. She also paid tribute to the growing number of Ghanaian donors who have given generously with cash and in-kind donations to help deliver the services to those in the community who are disadvantaged through disability.
For further information and interviews , please contact Mr Eleazer Asante, PRO, OTC. Tel: 0506759386 Email- pr@otcghana.org


John – New Year message

Happy New Year to you all wonderful people here.

We introduce this year with the story of John.
John is a very energetic, clever and introvert lad who has gone through the hurdles of stigma, surgeries & acceptance to become a confident young lad today.

John lived with a congenital deformity to his legs and was raised by his impeccable father who loves his boy immensely.

He was found by the help & support of Kekeli Inc in the Volta region. He was then supported by @GIHOC in the UK to have his surgeries and recieve his prosthetic legs at the OTC.

We wish John a new beginning to his life and all the best in his endeavors as he goes back to school.

We ❤️ you John.

John’s progress

Ghana Impact Project donates $10,000 to support Children in the OTC.

The OTC Ghana wil like to express its profound gratitude to Ghana Impact Project for the wonderful donation of $10,000 on the 6th of November 2022 to help support physically challenged children with their mobility appliances and aids.

The occasion was graced with wonderful activities from the OTC children, showcasing their wonderful abilities to the world.

We can’t say thank you enough. May God richly bless the founder @Kobby Okum and the entire team at Ghana impact Project.

We are in awe of your benevolence.

Kobby Okum founder of Ghana impact Project, donates to the Centre.

Appreciation from Sister Elizabeth to Humanitarian Award Global.

Thank you for all the congratulations and well wishes. Receiving this award was a great honor and at the same time a very humbling experience. I believe that we are all change makers, responding in our own way to the needs of those we come into contact with. You contributions and support has made it possible for us at OTC to be able to help so many children. With a grateful heart I say thanks.

Sister Elizabeth Newman SSND, Director, OTC.

U.S. Embassy Ghana visit to the OTC…!!!

On 17th of January 2022, the OTC was privileged to receive the US ambassador, Mrs. Stephanie S. Sullivan to visit, tour and have clear understanding of the works of the centre.

She had a warm reception from the children, staff and student of the @Br. Tarcisuis Prosthestic & Orthotics Training College.

She visited all the departments in the centre and had an in-depth knowledge of all the activities in the OTC.

The OTC will like to say thank you to you Madam Ambassador and we were extremely happy to receive you.

Hope to see you once again.




Vigilo Foundation donates to OTC.

Group picture with Vigilo team and OTC.

The OTC will like express its profound gratitude and appreciation to the @vigilo_nonprofit_org for the beautiful donations they gave to our children on the 14th Of July 2021. It was all fun with gifts, assistive mobility devices, food, presentations and various acts from the children and the Vigilo team.

Vigilo is a foundation foundered by Mrs. Jennifer Bonzie, an astonishing mother of three who once was a child at OTC. She is a physically challenged lady, who has defy all odds to become a successful woman working and living with her husband in the United States.

We are so proud of the woman she has become and also not forgetting where she comes from. Our children have seen the great work you have done and you have become a role model to them. We will always cherish you.

Thank you Jennifer, thank you Vigilo.

We ❤️ You..!!!

Vigilo Team with little Kobe.

OTC Annual Report 2020


Finally our Annual Report for the Year 2020 is ready. We can’t wait to share it with you.

Click this Link to view 👉 https://otcghana.files.wordpress.com/2021/03/otc-annual-report-2020-s-1.pdf

You have been an integral part of our blessing in continuing to provide help and support to the Physically challenged in our society. Putting smiles on their faces and hope in their hearts.

In this Annual report we share with you how your help and support has been very impactful in our vision and mission for the betterment of the livelihood of Persons Living with Disabilities.

Together we did great. 🙏😊

Kindly shares to friends and family.

We say thank you..!!!

Children’s Profile…!!!


Almost forgot it is my turn. I was just enjoying my bike ride.

My name is Sule Dramani. I am 13 years old and I attend Roka international School near Pokuase. I just graduated from Class 6 to Form 1 and am so excited. My hobbies are dancing, researching, comedy and of course riding my bike.

On this faithful day of 31st December, my wish for you is that you have the happiest and healthiest 2021.

Enjoy the last day of 2020.

See you in 2021.