Two Prosthetic Legs : Two Bilateral Amputtee Boys (Kobby and Emmanuel)

Since 2017 till today, the OTC has had two wonderful bilateral amputee lads who have enlightened our days as the days go by. Their names are Koby Newman and Emmanuel Waepebi. Koby comes from Nsawam Adoagyiri in the Eastern region and Emmanuel hails from the Northern Region of Ghana.

Koby was born with a congenital disorder which caused both his legs to be full of flesh and had no bones in it. His grand mother work in our centre as one of the house mother who takes care of the children and his Mother is now a new worker in the Centre. Koby journey has been on of a great turmoil going through surgery, learning how to walk and eventually walking in a prosthetic leg happily.

Emmanuel’s story also resonates in the story of Koby because he was also born with the same congenital condition which lead him to have two legs that were full of flesh and had not bones in it. Emmanuel’s mother Vida has been a strong woman since the birth of Emmanuel because she had to suffer the stigmata and harassment of both her society and husband because the believe she has given birth to a child who is not of good omen. she never gave up and went on to provide for all of Emmanuel’s medical needs until she was confronted by a good Samaritan who help to bring Emmanuel to our centre. Today Emmanuel has also had his surgery, learn how to walk and is using a prosthetic leg.

Both Boys celebrated their birthday on the 22nd of November 2019 and it was so marvellous how they were happy in receiving their gift. Today they are so happy in their lives and we believe what the holds for them in the near future is great.

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