Many individuals, foundations and organizations have partnered with us so that all the children and adults could receive the care they need to develop into individuals who could take their proper place in society. We have been proud of many who have not only become self-sufficient but have come back to be of assistance to the centre.

Without the help from all these individuals, foundations and organizations it is not possible for the OTC to give the medical support there is so much-needed. In the list of sponsors you will find in the brochure, respectable firms who have trust in the OTC and their goal.

If you would like to support the OTC please contact us. We’d love to speak to you.

We are particularly grateful to the following sponsors:

  • Missieprokuur SVD, Teteringen, The Netherlands
  • St. Gabriel, Gabrielerstrasse 171, A-2340 Modling, Austria
  • Steyler Mission, Arnold-Janssen-Strasse 32, 53757 Sankt Augustin, Germany
  • Steyler Missionare St. Peter, St. Peterstrasse 38, 95643 Tirschenreuth, Germany


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