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Vigilo Foundation donates to OTC.

Group picture with Vigilo team and OTC.

The OTC will like express its profound gratitude and appreciation to the @vigilo_nonprofit_org for the beautiful donations they gave to our children on the 14th Of July 2021. It was all fun with gifts, assistive mobility devices, food, presentations and various acts from the children and the Vigilo team.

Vigilo is a foundation foundered by Mrs. Jennifer Bonzie, an astonishing mother of three who once was a child at OTC. She is a physically challenged lady, who has defy all odds to become a successful woman working and living with her husband in the United States.

We are so proud of the woman she has become and also not forgetting where she comes from. Our children have seen the great work you have done and you have become a role model to them. We will always cherish you.

Thank you Jennifer, thank you Vigilo.

We ❤️ You..!!!

Vigilo Team with little Kobe.

Breaking the gender barrier

When the Brother Tarcisius Prosthetics and Orthotics Training College opened its doors to receive its second class, we were happy to have eight women who qualified to enter the diploma program.

They will be the first women Prosthetic and Orthotic Technologist when they graduate in 2017.  We are very happy that this field is now opened to women and that women now see themselves as capable of being in this field.

Prosthetic and Orthotic Training College