Adoagiryi; 27 March 2019
Demand for the services of the Orthopedic Training Centre (OTC) in Ghana has grown by x per cent in the past year as more children and adults reached out for disability support. OTC treated 7,259 adults and children as out and in-patients during 2018.
At their annual meeting of the Board of Trustees at the OTC headquarters in Adoagiryi today, Centre Director, Sister Elizabeth Newman SSND, said the demand for support was at an all-time high with all available places at the centre filled by 90 children and adults.
‘As Ghana’s population grows, the number of patients presenting with diabetes, industrial and traffic accidents as well as birth deformities has increased. In 2018, we treated 2,466 patients with amputations, mostly from diabetes and accidents,’ said Sister Elizabeth.
The OTC workshop supported over 7,000 patients in 2018 with life-changing orthopedic appliances and intense physiotherapy treatment for rehabilitation in order that patients are able to return to the community and resume productive lives.
OTC reaches all regions of Ghana, including with a trek program that delivered support to 2,146 patients in 2018. A mobile unit covered over 20, 000 kilometres, visiting 46 stations, with some towns receiving eight visits annually.
Children’s education is a priority at OTC. As part of their rehabilitation and development, 105 in-patient children received a formal education program in 2018 delivered by a qualified teaching staff.
The introduction of a new cerebral palsy clinic and day centre at OTC, has demonstrated a need in the community for a support service for children with this disability. Named in honour of an Australian lady, Mrs Lynette Williams, who passed away in 2017, the clinic now supports seven children in the local community with a daily program led by qualified therapists using specialised equipment.
‘There is an increasing need to support children with cerebral palsy in the local community. The day care has a twin benefit with the child receiving specialised physio and other support while the parents are freed to work and engage in other activities. We hope to expand the program with more children over time, provided there are sufficient trained staff and adequate facilities available,’ said Sister Elizabeth.
Sister paid tribute to the many volunteers from around the world who have freely given their time to and talents to help OTC. She also paid tribute to the growing number of Ghanaian donors who have given generously with cash and in-kind donations to help deliver the services to those in the community who are disadvantaged through disability.
For further information and interviews , please contact Mr Eleazer Asante, PRO, OTC. Tel: 0506759386 Email- pr@otcghana.org


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