The story of Baby Kwaku

Baby Kwaku was born on January 22, 2015 weighing only 2.2 kilos. Luckily he was born at a clinic that was familiar with our services, so on January 27 he was admitted with his mother to the OTC. Kwaku was born with club feet, four toes on the left foot and a left arm deformity. There is no clear hand, no bones and only imprints of fingers.

OTC_Baby Kwaku 2We started immediately to treat the club feet using the Ponsetti method. He has responded very well to the treatment and is now in Dennis Brown splints to immobilize his feet in the correct position. Eventually the small section without bones will be amputated and we have promised the mother that when he is three years old we will fit him with an artificial hand.

OTC_Baby KwakuWhen we took him for weighing he was down to 1.7 kilos so we are now supplementing his mother’s breast milk with formula. You can already see the difference.

Kwaku is very lucky to have been given the treatment so early in life. His mother was willing to make the long journey to the OTC and to stay with him during the treatment. She is now very happy and is encouraged to see the great change in her child. She is a mother of 20 years and not married. In our small way we have been able to give her hope and let her see the beautiful son she has given life too.

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