Ghana Fire Department help OTC with water

For several weeks now we have experienced a shortage of electricity and water. We thought we were prepared for such an emergency as we have several underground tanks that harvest rain water and two boreholes. Needless to say, during the dry season when you do not have rain and when the water from the town is very little, it takes no time to have a water crisis.

For the water company to pump water, they require several hours of uninterrupted electricity which they say they have not received. So now the dilemma is how to get the electricity company to supply them with what they need to pump to the town.

Ghana Fire DepartmentToday the Municipal Chief Executive came to see me after I had called him several times to ask for help. I explained that we needed water and if something is not done (for us and everyone else) we would be at risk again of a cholera epidemic. So thankfully, he sent the fire department who were able to pump water into our tanks. We pray they return tomorrow with a few more tankers so we can make sure we have enough for a few days.

From what we have seen in the papers, it seems like the electricity problem will be with us for several months which unfortunately, the continued use of the generator and tanks will certainly put a strain on our budget.

Ghana Fire Department


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