Mary, Mother of Good Counsel students spend May Day with OTC children


On the 2nd of May, 2015, (May Day), 62 students and teachers from Mary, Mother of Good Counsel came to spend the day with the children of OTC. It was a day when the children from the school could mingle with and understand a little better the children of OTC who live with a physical challenge. For many it was the first time of being that close to another child who had lost his or her leg or who needed aids in order to walk. I think it was a day of mutual understanding.

The children shared a meal together but what really got them to interact is when they challenged each other in a game of soccer. Sports does have a way of breaking down barriers. It was a great game and they all got involved in playing or cheering.

The students and teachers gave a very generous donation for the OTC. I am sure that the students had a lot to talk about as they rode back to Accra. We are grateful to the teachers for giving the students the opportunity to be with us for the day.


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