Our Muslim Brothers Visit and Donate to the OTC


The FIRDAUS Foundation for Social Services paid a visit to the OTC on May 23, 2015. This foundation has visited before and they are very interested in assisting us with sponsorship of children. A donation of ₵5,000 was presented to the director, Sister Elizabeth SSND, for the sponsorship of ten children. The group had just returned from Turkey where fifty members met to discuss ways of assisting those in need. The FIRDAUS Foundation is working hard to connect the OTC with members from other countries who expressed an interest in our work.

This Foundation has also made arrangements that a bore hole will be supplied to Tarsikrom where we have 36 bungalows for our staff. This will be a great relief from the water problem that everyone is experiencing in Ghana.

We are grateful to our Muslim community for the help they have given and for their plans to continue to assist us.

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